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Gymnastic Camps


2005 Recreational Gymnastics Winter Camp

Please check back for more info or call 503-446-4USA


Requirements: must be at least 3 years old and potty trained. We must receive payment in full prior to the camp (see details below). Camp registration agreement and all liability forms must be signed prior the camp. For your protection, your child will not be allowed to participate in any United Sports Academy activities without complete camp registration forms. All Camp Registration forms will be mail or fax to you after we receive your child's
pre-registration form ( see below)  with your payment.

Have questions? Please Call  (503) 466-4USA.

Registration Form

1. Last Name:_____________________________________________ First:___________________ DOB _____________Age____

2. Last Name:_____________________________________________ First:___________________ DOB_____________ Age____


City:________________________________ State:_________ Zip:________________________

Parent/Guardian Name:___________________________________________________________

Relationship to the child:______________________ Phone #:______________________________

Alternative Phone #:______________________________ Name:___________________________

Dates of Camp attending:____________________________________ All Day___ Half Day______

United Sports Academy Member: Y / N Class ID:__________________________

Do you have a referral? Y / N Name of the referred customer/s:1._________________________

2.________________________________ 3._______________________________________________

Amount Included:____________________ Payment method: Check / Cash / MC / VISA

CC# ________________-_______________-______________-_______________ Exp._____________

Cardholder Name:____________________________________________________________________

To reserve your child’s spot a $40.00 non-refundable deposit required (for each child). Make payment to: United Sports Academy 8160 SW Nimbus Ave Beaverton, OR  97008. Please confirm with the camp coordinator before subtracting referral discount.

If payment maid in full, you have than 3 days for refund (less deposit). By signing this form customer agreed to the charges and terms above. There will be a $25.00 charge for all returned checks. For more information please call: (503) 466-4USA

Signature:____________________________________________________ Date:__________________________


Terms and conditions:

*To receive a member discount you must be a current student at United Sports Academy (enrolled in classes).

** We must receive payment in full from each referred customer. No limits. No cash value. Valid only for 5 full day camp ($5.00 off for 5 half day camp). You can use all collected referred credits towards your gymnastics tuition or camp.

*** Payment in full is required to be eligible for 10% discount.

Payment in full must be submitted on or before May 1, 2005 to be eligible for $5.00 Early Bird Special.

$5.00 discount applies for each week enrolled and could be combined with any additional discounts. If more than one child enrolled a $5.00 discount applies for each child for each week enrolled.

10% discount will not be applied for walk-in and daily camps.

Please note that non of our camps includes food. Bring your own lunch and snack. We will have snack available for sale on site.

Refunds: will be issued if cancelled within 72 hours after the date of registration (less deposit).

You will than receive a check within 7-10 business days from the cancellation date.

Please be advised that when register over the phone conversation will be monitored and/or recorded for quality purposes.